What’s the Logic

One thing I don’t understand is Trump is being investigated and several close in have been found guilty for what they were charged. I’m really lost to what your logic is. I knew a few Veterans myself and I don’t know one that would except Trumpet for collaboration with a foreign Country to get Elected especially The USSR. The only thing I see hypocrisy in every word that defends him and his agenda.

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The immigration system could b ready with Red Cross and Humane concepts for the People in route here. Ellis Island when there were no Visa and Papers had 1,000,000 plus enter in 1 yr. 12,000,000 in a 50yr span.

The thinking we’re going to do anything but inspire hate and contempt with the thinking (I’ve got mine the Hell with you). This isn’t what is going to change anyone but bring more hate. I don’t know but Give peace a Chance is more than a song. I’m just saying give them a chance. Coming thru legally is obviously their intention or Those involved wouldn’t b so open in their Exodus. All hope for a better life and a chance to improve their lives. Criminals maybe but those characters most likely find a way in. I don’t know but there is definitely a better way than pointing only guns and locking people up for escaping from fear. Detecting the Gangsters should b a priority a mass grouping isn’t it. This always and has been a failure but to cause more criminals and hate.

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Trump campaigns on Air Force One. That’s considered ok by Republicans. Who pays for the trips? How is this considered appropriate spending? That’s another reason to cut Benefits for the VA, Medicaid, Food for the Schools. Where is your logic on that? That’s not fiscal waste because it fits the Republican Party.

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